Cards Against Humanity pokes fun at advertisers with hilarious marketing stunt

Earlier this week, Cards Against humanity announced that they have gone out of business after an expensive failed super bowl ad, adding that the ad generated 0$ in revenue. The spot they claimed to have ran is hilarious in its simplicity and stupidity, which is nothing new to them. View the “Ad” below.

Instead of spending millions, Cards Against Humanity got in on the Super Bowl hype in a different and much more creative way. They posted an article outlining their astronomical failure. The article itself is rather funny when you pick up on the sarcasm as it pokes fun at one of the most expensive marketing times of the year. People and media outlets started picking up the story immediately and this generated tons of organic impressions for Cards Against Humanity. The buzz generated is worth a lot, however they may have only paid about the price of a potato. The ad may have aired on a small local TV spot, but it is unclear and unlikely that this ad even ran at all. It may have just been a genius ambush marketing stunt. Check out their viral blog post here.


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