What Marketing Will Look Like in 2017

There is a lot that goes into creating a powerful ad. However, nothing is more important than the message. The ad needs to resonate with viewers by making the message about something bigger than the company. 2017 is the year in which most brands will need to stand for something in order to be successful. This will be the year for social entrepreneurship to flourish. I am very excited about this and you should be too. Social entrepreneurship has been steadily gaining traction, but will now become the mainstream business model as new startups solve societal problems and large corporations shift marketing budgets towards social initiatives.

The messaging used by smart marketers will give viewers something to think about and be related to the business core. It will also shine a positive light on what the company is doing. A recent digital ad created for President’s Choice is a good example of ‘making the message about something bigger’. Their message revolves around bringing people together in what they view as an ever increasing detached society. President’s Choice makes food the center of the message and presents their companies offering as a solution to the “societal phenomenon”.

Have a look at what marketing messaging will look like in 2017.


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