How to successfully market your brand at a festival

The 2016 festival season is coming to an end, but that just means it’s time for businesses to start preparing for their super awesome festival set up next year. It is important to be prepared well in advance, especially with so many considerations (Budget, décor, staffing, campaign, marketing, creative plans and much, much more). Preparing for a festival is a fun time and could generate huge returns so cease the opportunity and make the best of it. You don’t need a huge investment to attend most festivals because there are so many at different price points (food, music, street, community, holiday, etc.). Just know your target market and goals to define which is best for you.

Be unique

Creative and original ideas are hard to come by, but when you bring one to life, they almost always score big. Differentiating yourself and causing news is a great way to find success at festivals. Take Del Monte and Gnack for example, they sent out to set the record for most people dressed as fruit. It may be one of the weirdest ideas, but when you see the reach and impression stats, you can’t deny its genius. The moral of the story is to think outside the box, way outside.

Be attractive

Brands need other ways to stand out besides unique ideas. They need a unique look that fits the brand. This look needs to be part of a larger theme that will literally get people’s eyes fixated on that spot. This could be anything from an antique rustic style to a colorful standout style that can be seen a mile away. Include décor and use as much space as you can take and use it wisely. Some ideas to use the space can include phone charging stations, WiFi zones, rest areas and more. Adapt your space to your audience and you will keep people around and engaged. Don’t forget to have inviting people working your booth.

PS. Hammocks are all the rage

Be digital

If your marketing efforts stop at the booth, then you’re missing out. Get creative with hashtags, photos, social sharing incentives and much more to ensure maximum exposure. The brands reach is in no way limited to those who attend the event. You can even work the other way around by getting people to come to your area through digital communication. Also, capture the moment with video and photos to have a bunch of content that you can share online.

Be the experience

Brands are immersed in the event just as much as the highlighted entertainment. It is important to know that the brands themselves are creating the experience, and the ones with the best experiences will pay off the most. Think about the people and give them what they want, but also give them what they don’t know they want yet. Something to talk about and to remember.

Be Innovative

Technology seems almost limitless and many brands are actually creating new technology just for their promotions. Using new or trending technology can intrigue and delight people. We’re talking virtual reality, artificial intelligence, 3D printing and once again, much more.

With how creative and smart brands are getting at festivals could they one day be a bigger attraction than the musicians?… probably not, but this still gave me a good laugh.

Did these points seem only applicable to brands with huge budgets? The examples maybe were, but you can still apply these key factors to your business on a cost-efficient scale at any festival.


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