The Future of Content Marketing

Imagine a world where you actually look forward to the commercial breaks during your favorite TV shows or watching the ads before your favorite videos. Sounds hard to believe, right? Well, this is slowly becoming a reality.

As TV and generic digital advertising have become less and less effective, some companies have found a way to bring back its relevance. To battle the lack of engagement people have with commercials, many companies are turning to branded content short films and storytelling spots. Content marketing experts know how important this trend is because it brings people closer to the companies values, mission, and “raison d’etre” (reason to be). The idea is to make the message the center of the Ad and have viewers associate the message with the brand. This elicits positive emotions people will have towards the brand.

Chipotle | Mexican Grill absolutely nailed this new look on advertising and as it turns out they have been doing it for over half a decade. They did a few things really well. Firstly, Chipotle touched on a very topical and emotional issue that resonates with people but also relates to their product. Secondly, they invested in a creative team that captured the vision ever so perfectly with a cinematic touch. This combination kept people around to watch the entire video and get moved by the message. The subtle branding was the last stroke of genius to finish the beautiful painting that was their short film campaign (Cultivate A Better World).

Get inspired by their most viral success stories.

A Love Story 

July 2016 

The latest installment of their “Cultivate A Better World” campaign shows us how competition and greed can lead us down a terrifying path. Never forget why you started in the first place.

The Scarecrow

Sept 2013

The Scarecrow takes us on a journey that most companies don’t want us to see and implies that Chipotle is not a part of that careless world. The Scarecrow even comes complete with its own mobile app to further the engagement.

Back to the Start

Aug 2011

The first viral success in this campaign paved the way for the others. It became a reference for anyone trying to feed the sustainability movement and an avenue for Chipotle to connect with people on a deeper level.

Whether or not Chipotle operates in such a sustainable and organic manner is another story, this post is simply to reflect the Ads impact and its positive image effect on the brand.


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